Mandelbrot1975's Ban Appeal

My username is Mandelbrot1975.
I was banned in June 26, 2018 for Offensive Language, Capsing, and being rude to players. I admit that I was cussing and using Caps Lock and being rude to players. The reason why I did that is because in the game called MonsterIndustrys the players were taking too long to choose a team. So I was impatient and I started to be rude by saying HURRY UP five times with caps and I started to cuss a lot saying “COME ON HURRY THE cuss word UP!”.
Over the past few months I have learned my lesson not to cuss, spam, and not to be rude to players. Also now I am very patient and to let players take their time picking teams. Also I’ve learned to not use Caps Lock for my entire sentence. Now I am very Nice and calm and I do not cuss anymore because it is wrong to cuss and It was stupid of me to cuss.
So I have learned my lesson and will never do it again.
Have a great day!
Awaiting reply from @Thierrycool

Your ban:
I apologize for the late reply.

What you’ve claimed being the reason for the ban, simply didn’t happen or that happened weeks prior to that.

Here are some examples of what you have said:

Examples of what you've said (NSFW)

Well Thank You For Your Reply And It’s Ok That You Responded Late And I Am Terribly Sorry For What I Have Done. Well I didnt Remember what I said I admitted That I Cussed And I was Being Rude.

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