MewGoddessofCats And Flyingpandapoo's ban dispute

Please forgive me and flyingpandapoo. Flyingpandapoo is a bit young to post things online. So i am making one for both of us please understand that. We have been banned for atleast a year. We really loved this server. If we make a promise may we please get unbanned. Yes i do admit that i did grieve and i am sorry. I promise i will never touch another persons house. I just really love this server. May we please get unbanned. I understand if we are not aloud back on the server. Thank you for your time.

Your bans:

I’m just going to quickly recap as all details can be found on the forum already.

First of all, you’ve said the name was read wrong and your sister is innocent…

My reply to that was:

Also, saying that it was a misunderstanding and someone read the name wrong is just a lie. When someone reports a grief, staff checks the logs to see who broke the blocks. It’s not players telling staff to just ban someone without proof.

After that ban dispute was closed, you have opened another one… In there you’ve blamed it all on your little brother.

My reply was:

This doesn’t change anything as your sister is responsible for actions done using her account.
Apart from that: We’ve found multiple griefs by you as well… You’ve been banned.
Also, your brother (who actually is your brother (IP verified)), is the only one who didn’t grief at all. I’ve checked all of his edits.
So basically you and your sister both griefed and then you blamed it on the only one of your family who played and is innocent, your little brother? I’m speechless.

I would’ve considered and unban if you admitted to it initally, but…
First, you tried to deny it and come up with some lie. Then you tried to blame it all on your little brother, which I still have no words for…
Now you’re making yet a third dispute… That’s 3 different stories about the same thing!


We have been banned for atleast a year.
is just wrong. You got banned last July.
I would also like to add that you got warned by another staff member for griefing prior to the ban and still continued.

I think all of that speaks for itself…

Bans remain permament.
Dispute closed.

Please refrain from opening any further ban disputes.

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