Modified spawning mechanics

I know that the server modifies the mob cap to reduce lag but around like 2 months ago I noticed that mobs just disappear at around 90 blocks away from you. I thought it was render distance and ignored it until I did some testing and mobs over like 90 blocks from you are just deleted? If this is not purposefully done to reduce lag can you increase it to 128.

I checked, its 87 do be exact. vanilla is 128 and even then they are not immediately deleted, they get deleted after 15 seconds.

That explains why my magma cube farm wasn’t working at the normal AFK spot at the top of the nether. I see how this should reduce lag (a sphere with 87 blocks radius is a lot less computationally expensive than a sphere with 128 blocks radius). I also think that this is an option in the server config files. Now I get it if it can’t be changed to fit lag reducing purposes, but I think getting confirmation on what the distance is would be nice to hear so I can incorporate this into future AFK spots I design into farms.

The mechanism for this is quite complicated. There is entity tracking range, entity activation range. Render distance, render distance no-tick etc. I’ll give you the details when I find the time.
If you can’t see entities doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

That would be nice! A copy of the configuration files with the parts related to these mechanics would help out in seeing what the behavior should be.

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