My Bug Searching Experience on the Dropper

Okay, first I’d like to apologize for my wall of text, second, I made this to try to help the staff team snuff out the bugs. Without further ado, lets begin. So I found a glitch yesterday when doing franks revenge that I thought was very significant considering most people should probably go to the reward room with duplicates of all trophies, so when I said “franks revenge trophy is now unobtainable,” that was false. I just had a franks revenge trophy in my inventory, and it didn’t give it to me. It only worked after throwing the trophy I already had out, and then I got it. I recommend putting a sign showing this happened near a couple trophies so if it doesn’t work for people, they don’t go freaking out and being upset because the reward room didn’t accept their franks revenge trophy(like it didn’t for mine) and they know to just throw their current trophy away. This happened a total of twice, once for block stacker trophy, and once for franks revenge trophy. I will continue searching, but I think this is all I am going to do for now. Thank you, and goodbye!

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