My Friend is Supposed to Be Unbanned By Now (bemcat7)

Hi, a friend of mine as mentioned in the title is supposed to be unbanned by today. She was banned in 2018 and was given a temp ban according to the message written when she was removed from the server. She was supposed to be able to come back in November of that year, or sometime around that. The ban was, according to her, because of someone calling her bad names and being very rude. She told me that when she finally said something back to this person (neither of us remember who it was), she was given the temp ban. I am not sure if this is actually what happened, but she and I would like to try to play together again. Could somebody please look up her username in the ban logs? Her user is bemcat7 written exactly like that.

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According to the ban logs, they were banned for major survival griefs and were banned permanently. If they wish to dispute this ban, they must create the ban dispute themselves. Normally the ban information can be found at, but since it is down, here is their ban message:
Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 3.04.29 PM

They might have first gotten a temporary ban and then later more things were found and they got a permanent ban? It’s a bit difficult to tell without having access to the full ban history currently.

Anyway, your friend has to make their own ban dispute, closing this.