My Second Unban Dispute

Hi. So on 26th of December 2017, I Got Banned By @Thierrycool for: Offensive Language; Spamming. I think i should be unbanned for this as I have learned my lesson and have realized that these words are not appropiate and harmful to the Tallcraft Playerbase, I understand that the language and vocabulary I was using was disgusting, and my name history hasn’t been the best, but if you could give me one last chance on the server, I aslo remember saying things such as “Im 987654321 years old so im a pedo”(why would anyone remotely SANE say that?). Also, when I killed the other people’s animals, I didnt believe that I could be banned for that, I was just an edgy 12 year old with no braincells and didn’t realized I had ruined other people’s fun on the server. Please respond to this @Thierrycool ASAP.

Your name history:
Your bans:

First of all, I would like to say that

Please respond to this @Thierrycool ASAP.

is not gonna make any staff member respond faster…

Your were banned for offensive language as well as spamming and just being inproppriate in the chat.

Proof (NSFW)

@Thierrycool, I would like to mention that my account name history does in no way, shape or form correlate with my actions, for even if I was called “BestKidOfTheYear” I still would’ve done what got me banned, Second, I want to point out the fact that I was only saying “ASAP”. I was not trying to make you rush, I understand that admins have tons of ban disputes to deal with daily. Thirdly, am I going to remain banned permanantly or is my ban appeal going to be accepted and let me join the network? - Sergio

I would like to go back on the server, but maybe with some compromises(e.g. getting muted for 1/2 months as a penalty), also I would recommend you get a chat filter, which blocks certain words such as swear words and inappropiate language to prevent this from happening again. - Sergio

I have asked a couple of players and all of them agree that you should remain banned since what you’ve said was very explicit and inappropriate. We have people much younger than that who never do something like that, so it’s not something about being too young either.

Ban remains permanent.
Dispute closed.