My sis got banned for minor griefing and killing the sheep

She was banned on 08/10/2019 she was playing on this server for the first time, so she didn’t quite understood the rules. Her username is Pink_Polly_Bunny, she killed the sheep which belonged to Aqua_Fan_Girl9, I don’t know if I spelled it right. Aqua forgave her, I don’t know anything about minor griefing though. She is really sorry for doing that, please unban her :persevere::disappointed::sweat:

Ban profile: (Banned by Thierrycool permanently)

What is your relationship with this player? We usually do not allow ban disputes by anyone but the player themselves.
I’ve also gone ahead and moved this post to the ban dispute category.

I have talked to you about this just about an hour or so before you posted it. You have to tell your sister to make her own ban dispute. If she needs help, you can help her with that.

As StarField_9 pointed out, we do not allow disputes by anyone else but the player who wants their own ban removed. This is because we want to see a statement from that player why they have done what they did and why they think the should be given another chance.

Invalid dispute.
Dispute closed.