Need Help ASAP!

I have been playing on this server for AGES. Today I finally got the final trophy I needed for the reward place. I put all of my trophies in, everything lit up except for one. I checked to be sure it wasn’t an apostrophe trophy and there was no apostrophe on it.
I PM’d a staff member on discord and was told to make a ticket. Well the ticket command doesn’t work. When I told that staff member that, I was told “oh yeah that’s been an issue I guess. Thanks for reporting!” and left. They didn’t even acknowledge my issue.
I come back into the game to see that I had been KICKED OUT of the trophy center. All of my trophies are gone and I’m absolutely LIVID!
What the heck do I do now???

ALSO, said trophy registered in chat. but the light didn’t come on.
I WILL NOT be obtaining every trophy again. That’s not fair to me.

@StarField_9 could you have a look?

Resolved in-game. I was able to verify that they in fact that submitted all but one trophy and refunded them. Trophy room is now closed while I test it to prevent this kind of thing happening again.

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Sorry this happened Maddie, Not gonna lie, this exact thing happened to me 3 times. I am sorry it happened, but it happens, and its pretty annoying. I recommend getting multiple of each trophy(except mirrors cuz it sucks to get multiple times). I am glad it was resolved and you either got your trophies back or got the dropper master armor. Sorry for the terrible grammar, I suck at everything lol.

I think I found the issue; fixed; dropper chamber reopened.

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