New player, acted stupid, please consider unbanning

Hello, I recently joined your server and was having a blast using it as it has so many cool dropper maps. I was perma banned for nsfw by @Ravadosh which was set off multiple times when I button mashed, but also when I intentionally typed some of it. I have developed bad chatting habits from games like cs and some have stuck with me. I was stuck on the arcade level and probably said something like "sh_*t " or “f_*ck” which bypassed the nsfw filter, but it could have been worse, I honestly don’t know. Anything I said was not actually meant, I was just typing without thinking and ignoring the occasional “nsfw warning” message. I really don’t think what I said could have been that bad, please consider unbanning me, and I’ll promise to keep it clean on the server. Again, I take complete responsibility for my actions and it was 100% me, not some ‘sibling’ or ‘friend’ who wrote them. If there are any questions, please just message me and I will answer privately there. Sorry again mods. (Also sorry for all the edits I didn’t want this to come across as disingenuous, I really just want one more chance on this server)

Btw on my first day on when playing in the dropper server (the only server I played on), I saw some dude in chat advertising his snap and saying he would send ‘whatever people wanted’ (or something along those lines) to somebody on the server. The date was either August 27th or 28th somewhere between 8-12 pm EST. Just thought that any mods might want to look into that, I will the head admin in hopes that he can look into this and get this potential creep sorted. If there is any way I could help with this further please just message me. @Tallcraft


Your ban:

As you may have noticed, we do monitor our chats.

If you have anything to report, please do follow the right guidelines for this, which is an ingame report, with names and possible timestamps.

As you are making the effort and admitting to your behaviour, we’ve decided to unban you.

Please do however read up on Minecraft Server Rules

Welcome back!

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Thank you so much! I will be sure to read up on the rules so I don’t get banned again and so I can properly report. Cheers!