Not tryna argue, just a question

In the past, rule-breaking in chat has often been dealt with with a mute. Why has this been changed to a ban?

Because you have been warned a lot and people were just tired of it. You are complaining, so it’s a harder punishment to you than a mute, which means that you will maybe learn more from it.

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I’m probably not the best person to ask that, but as long as I’ve been staff, it has been standard to use bans for chat violations as mutes are not 100% effective and can be bypassed, especially when it comes to survival servers.

alright thanks for the answer star!

sorry for jumping in so late! but have you even tried muting him, you need to treat everyone equally. but if it has changed to just a ban then its fair play.

AFAIK It has changed to bans, I have not seen a user muted in years for any chat related violations.

i stand corrected. sorry for being a new player and assuming

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