_nuclear_bomb_ and how he has been hurtful to others

Hello everyone and any staff who can see this,

This is a favor that me and a few other players such would like to ask or more respectfully need.
The player by the name of nuclear_bomb has been making us all very unnerved, uncomfortable and disrespected. We need help. Over the last few times we all have been on, Nuke has been cussing, doxxing others, disrespecting other players, repeatedly cussing and talking about self harm to himself but also hurting others by “letting the blood flow.” Its been making the server a hard place to feel comfortable on, we have sent several tickets over the last couple of days and some staff have come on over the past days too. We understand that they are busy a lot and are always hard at work to keep this a good place for all, but this needs to be taken care of if possible. We are asking for a ban or some type of punishment because of this issue. Just for something to be done.

Sincerely and on behalf of,


I also forgot to mention that he griefed often, I remember in chat that he said he stole some iron and diamonds but he supposedly said sorry for it? He also was really onto MilkFic at one point since she was directly griefed by him.


I, xXTealGolemXx, can vouch for this. He has made me uncomfortable by talking about self-harm (which is really triggering for me). I paid for VIP, but with him running around like this, I’d rather just stop playing. He constantly repeats microagressions, and when his actions are reciprocated, he gets mad.


Nuke griefed me and lied about who did it and created a fake narrative that someone else had stolen from me to cover his trail, staff dealt with it and gave him a warning however he has been blatantly disrespectful to me ever since and says im the mean one when in reality im extremely frustrated with him stealing from me then continue to disrespect me, nearly every time i log on to tallcraft and Nukes on im greeted with an “oh god milk” and it makes me very frustrated. he has been banished from the town kholinar due to his disgusting behaviour yet still continues to build in and around kholinar after we have told him to leave the premises yet he doesnt listen to a word any of us says and resorts to cussing us out. he tries to guilt trip us in the chat and it pisses all of us off and he says things like “oh milk hates me” “i dont care about you milk” etc basically always bringing my name up after i asked him to stop talking about me and to me, i know i could ignore him but i want to catch every disrespectful thing that he says in order to pile up a list of things to report him for because he is on my and everyone elses last nerve. he makes the environment of the server uncomfortable and his immaturity and disrespect for others shows every single time he talks in chat. he refuses to read and follow the rules, im really sick of this kid disrespecting myself and others on the server. i was kind to him when he first joined but when he stole from me it all changed because he escalated the situation and now it has led to many individuals being sick and tired of his piss poor attitude and behaviour.


It’s _nuclearbomb_ but ok.

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Please post screenshots here or send them in a PM on here if you have any.

he started to rant about drinking paint
the spamming is getting really annoying

random letters and numbers count as spam right?

Nuke has gone on to accuse me of hacking him because I don’t like him. This is getting out of hand

It also appears that Nuke has recorded me in-game without any consent from anyone, and since I am 13, I am unable to consent in any capacity

For anyone who doesn’t know what happened: We’ve discussed this on Discord in #no-mic and #general.

I have talked to the player regarding the self-harm thing and told them that the trolling and annoying players has to stop and banned them for a week for their offensive language, as we’ve discussed.

If anything happens again, remember to take screenshots.

Closing this.