Old Player Ban Dispute

Hi, my ign is xSavannahBreadx! I was banned about 3 and a half years ago and was hoping to possibly be unbanned. It’s been so long so I can barely remember the reason for my ban. I believe it was over a verbal disagreement with a friend of mine. I’ve moved on from Minecraft over the last few years, however, I have gotten back into it due to the coronavirus and quarantine. I decided to give an unban a try. I hope that after 3 years I can be given a second chance. I’m curious to see how far along the server has gotten in those 3 years and to see my old friends (if they still play)!

I don’t recall how many ban disputes you’ve made on the old forum. I think this one makes it the 4th or so.
And you have been told not to create further ban disputes as that will result in a forum ban.
I’m sorry but I’m not willing to go over all of the details once again.

So again, for the xth time, please refrain from opening any further ban disputes.
Dispute closed.

PS: Using alts is not an option.