Player reset request

Hi. I’m 9 years old and new to TallCraft and Minecraft servers in general. I am really excited to try TallCraft and I heard it’s the most family friendly server out there.
I went through the tutorial in survival/wilderness and pretty much as soon as I started, I died. Can you please reset my account so it will be like I never went on the server? I would really appreciate the chance for a fresh start.
My username is AwesomeEthan26.
Thanks in advance,

If that is all you did, what is there to reset? You can always access the tutorial at /tutorial, and if you need any simple items like a golden shovel or food, you can either find some food or seeds at wilderness (/wilderness) and start mining for gold or ask online players/staff; many are happy to give a few items if you ask nicely.

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