Please unban I never cursed and it says i did

Minecraft Name: _Wiseyy_ It banned me for seven days and my brother from the army is back in town and i want to play this sever like we did in 2016 Please can i get a unban thank you for ur time

Your ban:
@Nixnameable is the staff member who banned you; they will be getting in touch with you soon with the details of the ban.

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ok thank you i and his dad so he will not do it again. i was watching him but i dont know how it happend he will not cuss again thank you for your time but he knows not to do it now

i was wondering if you could speed up the procces a little because we have to leave soon thank u

sorry that i was getting unpatient but take ur time ig

i dont know if i reply on here but thanks for reaching out i have been waiting for about 3 hours now and im geting a little anxious now I would like to know if he is ready i dont want to spam or be disrepectful tho

With all due respect, keep in mind that staff members have other things to do as well and can’t always just reply immediately to everything.
Apart from that, it was in the middle of the night for the staff member when you wrote this.
Please be patient.

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Ok sorry I didn’t realize it was the middle of the night I know that so I will just wait for someone to repsond

Hello! Grievous_Nix here.
Your ban: .

Thank you for patiently waiting.

Proofs (NSFW)


This is just a tempban, you will be unbanned in 6 days.
Keep in mind that any further rule breaking will result in a permanent ban.

Ban remains temporary.
Dispute closed.