Please unban me

I do not know what I did to be banned I was not aware that cursing was not allowed seeing as they let me on out it in the chat i now know and will not do it again. I was not even saying it towards someone. I’m really sorry for this mistake it will not happen again this is my favorite server and it would be a lot of u could unban me and consider this appeal thank you! My user name was adiana_abdel but is now adrianaabdel

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Awaiting reply from @MeowingInsanely

Hai! =3

For clarification, you were banned because of discussions that are “NSFW” mostly. I do recommend doing /rules or asking whenever you join a server to see what is & what is not allowed.

Here are some evidence of the discussions:

NSFW proof


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Since there was no further replies after a week, I would assume that you understood the reason you were banned.

Thus, upon further analysis of your ban, The ban duration will not be changed.

However, you can come back in a year to be given another chance.

Dispute Closed

Bai! >w< Take care =<