Plz Unban SergioSS009

Minecraft Name: SergioSSG (SergioSS009 at that current time!) Banned by: TheirryCool When: 26/12/2017 at 23:05 Reason: Offensive language; spamming. Long story short, so my and my friends (suaza (LSFilms at that current time!) and JJGonzalezzFTW(at that current time!)) were messing around on your server and then we started being a little bit rude to the rest of the players. Then, we, one at a time, got banned from the tallcraft server. Now we are much more mature and we know not to do that in public on any occasion of the sort. And for the survival case, i’m sorry but, i have only ever been on survival once and i did not know the rules of survival so you may have the rights to keep me banned on survival. Please try you best to respond to me @Thierrycool

Your sincerely,

SergioSSG (formerly known as SergioSS009!)

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Awaiting reply from @Thierrycool

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First of all, sorry for the delay.

Your bans:
Your name history:

Note that your friends will have to make their own ban disputes.

First, you got a ban from survival, but it seems like you’re mainly interested in the other parts of Tallcraft.

Over a year after your first ban, you were banned for offensive language and spamming.

Proof (NSFW)

Theirry, first, I want to mention out that all you have composed in this reply is my input from 2017, then I want to also mention that you haven’t said whether I should be unbanned or not. But thanks for pointing out that my friends will have to make their own dispute against the ban, also, send us the full log of us three chatting and saying weird stuff altogether. @Thierrycool

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