Possible Competition for Tall’s Skull?

Idea for a competition for someone to get Tall’s head:
Team Museum vs. Team Shrine. I gather a team, and so does 3bams. Our teams pvp for Tall’s skull. If my team wins, I get Tall’s skull for my museum. If 3bams’ team wins, he gets the head for his shrine. The losing team also has to pay the other team at least 20k. It’s just an idea, but it sounds like it would be fun.

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There is to be, under no circumstances, a 3rd team

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we should do a poll on this, and add more stakes, the losing team may have to pay money

I’m gonna redo the post

Done, I added the poll to the Post

People these days would do anything for a head now…

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Vip lounge too btw u forgot that

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Pink this is separate. It was just something that me and 3bams thought up to either get it for my museum or 3bams’ shrine

I like the idea of a competition, but it feels weird that my player head is some sort of price? We can do that if you want, but why not have some actually nice prices :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m cool if we add more prizes, but how would we split them across the teams? I suppose we could do one main 1v1 of me vs teal to see who gets the head, but if we are indeed doing team rounds, what is in it for the members of each team? I am still cool if we just do battles for the head, as that is really all I need. However, seeing as atm I am pretty poor and I would want to thank whoever does actually wanna team with me, I think adding more prizes for team stuff would be awesome! Again, unless we decide that its a giant team battle for a dragon egg, I don’t really think there is much both Teal and I want so much we would go to war(in a kind of server event) for, though if I did get the dragon egg, I’d probably give it to someone if I didn’t actually pay for it and it was a team effort. We could also just do a hunger games style event where the winner gets an egg or a head of u, but idk. just some ideas


if this happens i will have a chance to practice some 1.16 combat against other people, am excited

can we just go all out ffa because i wanna nuke everybody with tnt just to find out what it looks like also wth is a bas idea

If we do this we need to also have team rodent

for the last time rat, we are not adding a 3rd team

@Tallcraft can we add team rodent?

@Probs we aren’t adding team rodent. this is a competition between me, 3bams, and our teams

lets just let tall decide on this, I think it’d be cool to have a hunger games thing after this

why cant we add another? give me one good reason why you have to kill my fun.

the competition will decide whether i get tall’s skull for my museum or 3bams get it for his shrine. that’s why we thought it up in the first place

ok and what about rat’s skull stash?

that’s not why we thought up the competition. me and 3bams both wanted it for our projects, and we thought it up because of that