Post of Reckoning (Final Dispute)

2 and 1/2 years ago, on the 26th of december, me and 2 of my friends got on the server and made a fool of ourselves, of course, you - @Thierrycool - stopped this from continuing and banned us(i’ll admit, it was the right thing to do), I know i have already made two ban appeals before, but this time i will be honest. When i found out i was banned, i had tried changing my name to hide my identity. I am deeply sorry for the havoc that i caused, im sorry for being racist by saying the n word, im sorry for making fun of rape victims by making pedo jokes and im sorry for everything else i done. I really hope i can get back on the server as i used to have lots of fun before the ban, from SergioSSG, the guy who got banned for something that they thought was funny but was only toxic.

Your ban:

Considering the age of both of your bans, we’ve decided to unban you. Please re-read the server rules at Minecraft Server Rules. Welcome back!

tsym @StarField_9 for lifting my ban :slight_smile: !