Problems with AntiCheat? Let us know!

Since MC 1.13 we have a new Anticheat system. It mostly works alright, but some players, especially those with internet connection issues or players from other continents than Europe, can experience false positives.
Additionally there is a lot of issues concerning new 1.13 blocks / features that haven’t been fixed yet.

If you have issues with AntiCheat warning / kicking you for no apparent reason please report it here. Please only report issues that you experience on a regular basis.

The following information is helpful:

  • When did it happen? (We update the AC regularly)
  • What did you do in the game when the AntiCheat warned/ kicked you?
  • From where do you connect to the server? (Europe, US, etc.)
  • A ping report. Please ping and attach the results.

I know others have already had this problem but I just was kicked up to 13 times for using my elytra. I couldn’t get it off before it kicked me again. Finally it stopped once I hit the ground. Just thought I should note troubles with the plugin.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll look into this issue.

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Can you try again? I’ve changed some settimgs. It should be better now.

On behalf of BlurryLeopard

When jumping down a hole onto slimeblocks, It’ll either kick for Fly or Exploiting

Yeah, I get kicked for exploiting when i’m jumping onto slimeblocks.

(Thanks Ent)

Going off from Podzol apparently kicks me for fly/NoFall 19.01.2019

Same thing happens to me.


If you get in a boat that someone else is driving, you’ll be kicked for BoatMove

EDITED Holding Q while holding a item will kick you for ItemDrops
21 - 01 - 2019 Server: Survival
New Zealand

  • PING REPORT: Packets: Sent: 4 Recieved: 4 Lost: 0 (0% Loss)
    min: 278ms Max: 284ms Average: 279ms
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Can somebody connecting from Europe test this? Would be interesting to see if it’s related to network delay.

I just tested it doesn’t seem to depend on ping.
Ping results:
Packets sent: 4 Received: 4 lost: 0 (0%)
Min: 17ms, Max: 18ms Average 17ms

So you can reproduce this?

Yeah I did. Held down Q while holding a stack of cobble. Got “detected” for using the same thing as Ent

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I was able to reproduce this and reported it to the developer. Expect a fix soon.

Update: this has been fixed :slight_smile:

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This is going to seem really oddly specific and I dont think its even really worth reporting, but if you fly with an elytra to y=10000 and then divebomb into the ground, by the time you reach y=8000 you will be kicked for speed

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I’ve just tested it with a player a few hours ago. Thanks for the heads up though I’ll test it again.

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