Spawn eggs for the /shop =3

Spawn eggs except wolves, horses & ocelots ofc x3

For a large amount :3

(Er the title is 15 characters, is that normal?)

I think spawn eggs just like that are a bit too OP, but what I personnally find a really interesting concept is the one where you can catch animals and release them later. This would open an entire new market.

Here’s an example of a plugin (must be logged in on Spigot to see):

I do think however that if we do use it, we should limit it to single-use and perhaps make the recipe a bit more complex since the default is nothing compared to the powers of it.


I remember that we discussed this some time ago. I think it’s a great idea.
The problem with this particular plugin is that it stores the data via NBT though. That requires a plugin update for every new version. We already lost the silktouch spawners because of this.
There is a new spigot API that allows storing custom data in blocks in a version independent way. Maybe a plugin could make use of this.