Suddenofdead123's unban request

IGN: Current in-game name is Antoon, (Suddenofdead123) at the time I got banned

I’m not sure what the ban was for since it’s a few years ago and the ban profile doesn’t appear to know the reason either, considering that the ban occurred in 2012 I would assume it was for griefing as I would have been thirteen at that point and very immature so it would be the most logical. Maybe you have some more information about reason for the ban?

I feel like I should be unbanned because I’ve grown up since the ban occurred, gotten more mature and definitely understand that griefing or breaking any type of rules for that matter is unnecessary and disrespectful.

Thank you,

Minecraft names:
Ban profile:

Apologies for the delay! That’s a very old ban indeed. I’ve unbanned you.

Thank you, no worries for the delay.

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