Tallcraft Dropper Trophy Reward Issue

I got all of the dropper trophies on April 22. On April 25, I went to get my reward. I slowly put the trophies in the chest, but nothing happened. The trophies went into the hopper, but no lights lit up, and I didn’t get any messages saying my trophies were accepted. I ended up losing all of my trophies for nothing. Can anyone do anything about this please?

Were the trophies going through or did they start backing up? How many of these trophies did you get last year or earlier? Do you still have copies of some of the trophies? Did you get no messages at all in chat/no lights lit up at all about trophies or did they just get “stuck” at some point? Do you happen to remember the first trophy you inserted? I’m trying to figure out what went wrong since I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, and I think I see the problem, just want to verify it.

I got some of the trophies before the recent update. No chat messages and no lights lit up. I inserted Unstable Mineshaft first.

When is the reward chamber going to open?

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