Tallcraft History

To the TC Community,

A group consisting of 3bams, Arkania, Bovall, Grievous_Nix, Flyingshelf, Metype, PeanutFromHell, and I have all pulled our knowledge from Tallcraft history to create a smallish book on the history of TC. We decided to start this project because we realized we had a lot of outside as well as inside knowledge of the history of TC from 2011-2020. If anyone would like to help us because you have a lot of knowledge on a certain year in TC, you are welcome to join us! If you just wish to give us some events that we may not have, just text one of us on discord or reply to this forum post. Thank you for taking your time to read this and we will share the book with you guys soon once it’s done.


I could help if you are looking for someone to document Mid-June and afterwards lol

This sounds like a really cool project! I really wish I could help out with it, but I’m not exactly someone who has been around for a long time or knows much of the server history, unfortunately. I wish you luck with your project though!

i can help if you need anything in march

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I mainly remember the endless tiny griefs on my tower before the protection plugins were in place. Staff replaced so many glass panes for me, and banned/kicked so many players… To the point that it almost made my tower feel like a honey trap :slight_smile:

If you guys haven’t finished the book in TC already or are writing it on a word document or smth, I can help you guys translate the text document to a Minecraft book.