Tallcraft Mods dont give second chances. ONLY BANS


Please bring Meowington and Drakon in on this conversation.

So, I got banned 30 days or so ago I asked why I got the answer. I took blocks from a town that I thought was abandon. it had already been griefed with blocks placed everywhere and it looked like a Minecraft faction server. It’s not my fault they didn’t put a sign up or claim their plot. Players that’s username are MEOWINGTON and DRAKON can vouch for me. i specifically asked them if someone didn’t claim it or have a sign up or anything i could take it.

The conversation of the ban dispute went just like this:

I said
Ok, I can give back every block I still have them but you didn’t have to ban me when I couldn’t defend myself. I’m sorry I thought the town was abandoned. it had already been griefed.

Everything has been rolled back anyway, so there’s nothing to give back.
Yes, the town was mostly abandoned and there were other griefers (who got banned as well), but that doesn’t mean you can grief it. It’s very simple: Don’t touch any other players’ buildings without their permission.
And about the ban itself: Of course, we ban for something which is clearly against the rules. Why would we wait and allow further damage to be caused? The forum is the place to defend yourself, not in game.

That all being said, you said you followed every single rule and it is clearly stated in the rules that what you did is not allowed…

Modifying or destroying ( griefing ) another players structure without their explicit consent is not allowed and can lead to either a temporary ban (in case of a small violation) or a permanent ban.

So the way I see this ban is that they don’t care about the about how small the grief is your just banned for life. They give no second chances Ban you for life for the simplest things even if you volunteer to fix, replace or give back what you took.

also have another example of a player that has been baned for 3 years and whats that he never got a SECOND CHANCE

His article is listed here


Ok let’s structure this a bit…

Meowington and Drakon don’t exist on TC nor have they ever joined TC. I think you might mean MeowingInsanely and Drackulovia. (Who are both very experienced players and know the rules. They also saw your ban dispute.)

Also, no matter what a player tells you, you still have to use common sense and read all the rules.

Rather than quoting parts of the ban dispute, I would like to link to the full dispute so players can see what you wrote, especially in your first post and also see your grief.
Anyone reading this should check out the full ban dispute to see what this is about.

You’re saying that how you see it from this ban is that we don’t care about how small the grief is. You ban explicitly states major griefing. Your grief was anything but small.

I don’t even know what to say about this part… You literally just disproved yourself by posting an example of someone who just got a second chance right there!

It’s quite simple: You did a major grief and got banned. Other players have also told me that you’ve been bothring them. Which I didn’t make part of the ban, but at this point I’ll mention it here.

There are many examples of players getting second chances on the forum. You literally posted one yourself right here… Just because you didn’t get unbanned, doesn’t mean…

Every case is different and has to be looked at separately. This is how we always handle ban disputes and also how yours was handled. In your case it was major grief and a lot more than what other players did.

Please refrain from creating any more posts regarding your ban on the forum as your ban dispute is already closed. And also, don’t try to start a forum war here.

Closing this as it should be clear enough for everyone now.