Thank you all for this!

Hai again! :3 I am gonna be a big sis!! Im so exited and this is my first sibling!! I want to thank you all for being there for me all this time ive been on here. I realize this is just a short post, but ok x3. Comment your thoughts about me being a big sis below!! If you want to give me tips, msg me in /mail on tallcraft, or on here! [preferably Minecraft if possible]. Thank you for your time!!!

-littlejuice08! <3


As long as you don’t let her steal the beds from other houses, it’ll be fine xD


As an older sis as well…
Enjoy time while you still can XD
Siblings are annoying as… Kittens? X3

Lol true XD Thank u for being there for me mew!! Kisses and hugs, Little

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This is so relatable!

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