Un ban for JOJOwilczek

Hello! My IGN is JOJOwilczek. Ive been banned for multiple griefing around 2 years ago. I already tried to get unbanned like 1 year ago. Sadly, I didn’t get the unban. 2 years ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing, it was my first time playing minecraft, and friends were teaching me everything. Also, I wasn’t really good at speaking english and I didn’t understood a lot. I am very sorry, I was playing on a lot of servers since 2019 but Tallcraft is still my favorite one. I would be very happy if I will get unbanned and obviously, I will never grief ever again. I hope you understand, thank you.

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Hi! Sorry for the delay. This dispute slipped through the cracks, because the staff member who issued the ban is no longer on Tallcraft.
Given that you’ve been banned for a while already I think it’s fair to give you second chance. I’ve unbanned you.

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