Unbann please (got banned in 2016)

hi (I got banned in 2016 ) I wanted to play here with a friend, but recently remembered I got banned
for rude language, to say the truth it wasn’t even me, it was my younger brother by the way I am sorry for what happened so…could you please unbann me? Minecraft new: rodi76

Minecraft name: rodi76

I don’t speak English very well so, please forgive grammatical errors

Your ban: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/rodi76

I do not have the details regarding that ban anymore. Because of that and due to the age and me not remembering it as a particularly severe case, I will give you another chance.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter who did it. If something is done using an account, that account will get banned.
You are responsible for you account and for keeping it secure.

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.