Unbanning me from the tallcraft server

On 26 December 2017, me and 2 other players were banned for being rude to players and using offensive language on the server. I was also banned in the past for advertising my other server earlier that year. We were young, immature and dumb at the time, and even after I got banned from this server, I was still doing stupid stuff, just look at my skin history, my username history (my username is now ‘suaza’ but it was ‘LSFilms’ at the time of my ban). But now I’m not a 12 year old troll who harassed people on minecraft servers anymore. I feel like I learned my lesson and I have grown up and matured enough not to be rude to other players in the chat. This is one of my first ever servers that I played in minecraft, and being banned from it is just kind of depressing. I miss the dropper, that was the part of the server that I played the most. So I’m just asking if it’s possible to unban me from the server, and I promise never to do that dumb stuff again.

Thank you,

Your name history: https://de.namemc.com/profile/suaza.3
Your bans: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/LSFilms

You were banned for offensive language and being inappropriate in chat in general.

Proof (NSFW)

i know. i wasn’t denying it. i’m just apologizing for all of the things i did wrong and am asking if i could be unbanned

I have asked a couple of players and all of them agree that you should remain banned since what you’ve said was very explicit and inappropriate. We have people much younger than that who never do something like that, so it’s not something about being too young either.

Ban remains permanent.
Dispute closed.