Walking from corner to corner of the world

Basically what Pink did, but i am going to go to each corner of the world

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Ok? Good luck out there

That sounds awesome! Have fun : P

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Reached corner #1, -29765.700, 90, -30121.700

the world border is 29,999,984. so that times 4 is 119999936 blocks good luck on that one lmao

so are you sure your gonna continue it will take forever (a long time) 119999936 blocks blocks is alot

Well I’m out walking the whole world. Just along the ends

it took 5 years for one person to walk with a really fast horse therefore it will take 20 years for you to walk to all corners sorry to burst your bubble

you still want to go?

(20 characters…)

teal, 20 years is two decades, if u really wanna walk 20 years lmao go ahead but minecraft will probably die out before then

I can use elytras and all that lol

u would need atleast 50 stacks of fireworks

or a admin could use commands to teleport

that’d be admin abuse