Whats with the survival servers

right now as I’m typing this I and lots of others cannot get into a server and I have been told that the most resent server save was corrupted and some other stuff, the point is that I was wondering if one of the staff could say what has happened

We temporarily shut down the server to investigate chunk corruption. There were corrupted chunks, but the amount of corrupted chunks / affected players is quite low and it seems to have only affected some of the chunks that got loaded in a certain timeframe. The server is back online and we are currently investigating what caused this.

We will post an official statement on the forum and link it here later today (CET).

We advise everyone who does come across a corrupted chunk to not touch it and report it instead since modifying it, might make the situation worse.

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Thanks Thierry! :slight_smile:

The server is back online, for now if you notice anything odd please file a ticket!
Time to get some sleep …

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