When will the server update to 1.16 or is it already?

Since 1.16 came out (yesterday), i was wondering when the survival server will update to it? Or is it already updated, and just glitched out for me? :smiley:


The 1.16.1 Paper server software has to release first, among the other problems that could be caused by upgrading the server.I’d say that server probably wont be updated in the next couple of weeks

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Well that’s alot of ifs, we hope it doesn’t take weeks, but it all depends on the paper software update. So i’m silently hoping for a release around the first of july


thanks guys! i hope it’s up soon :slight_smile:

We’re allowing 1.16.1 to connect to the server now. But the server itself is still running 1.15.2. It will take a while until the server software is updated. Also, we have to make sure nothing breaks when updating.
Can’t give you an ETA sadly. As soon as possible while keeping everything safe and stable :slight_smile:

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i love this server :joy:

1.16.2 is due to be released soon. We’ll skip 1.16.1 as the new update contains a couple of important bugfixes.

Snapshot 20W27A:


Survival has been updated to Minecraft 1.16.1 :slight_smile: Watch out for bugs!

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