When you type /ci instead of /ic

There go the items. Again. o.O


  • Enchanted diamond sword
  • 128 Lapis lazuli
  • 20 Books

Luckily it happened when I was just about to start leveling…

What have you lost due to that “evil” command? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news: It now requires a confirmation!

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Lol i lost my enchanted diamond shovel, axe, sword, bow, 2 enchanted diamond pickaxes, an enderchest, 3 stacks of oak logs. ;-;

20 enchanted books? or just regular books. If they are enchanted, did you have like mending, etc?

As said, I was just about to start, so just regular ones luckily. I did once (several years ago, long before I was staff), lose over 100k worth of gold ingots… The Anticheat plugin back then wiped your inventory if you clicked too fast… As I was moving them around, I was obviously clicking pretty quickly, and poof, all gone. Don’t worry though, that plugin is all gone as well now. :smiley:

What is /ic?
Thanks for enabling the confirmation dialog!

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/ic is to ignore claims
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Sad life. Rip Thierrycool

if anyone doesnt know, /ci means clear items

ic… This is a very sad post =<
We should haz a double confirm to lessen in-ci-dents owo