xArbiter's Ban Apeal

My username is xArbiter

I was banned two years, and 9 months ago. I was banned for inappropriate build. I was just a immature twelve year old at the time and I understand what I did was wrong. I am extremely sorry for what I did. I hope you consider my appeal.


Banned by: @razew
Ban Profile: https://bans.tallcraft.com/#/player/Heroarthur3

All the best!

Hi xArbiter!

Your ban: https://bans.tallcraft.com/#/player/Heroarthur3
At the time of your ban, your name was HeroArthur3.

Proof (Inappropriate build)

While you haven’t been banned for two years and 9 months, it has been close to two years which should be long enough.
With that in mind, on top of your well-written appeal, I will give you a second chance.
Make sure to read the /rules in-game and don’t make the same mistake twice, there will be no more chances should you get banned again.

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.