Your Ideas for the new Survival World 🗺


Good idea. I just doubt that voting is going to help much. From my experience it only helps when you have a large player base and get a lot of votes.


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Exactly what I’m saying.


I have two questions. First one is, will the new worlds banking system be backed by gold? Second is, what will we be doing with the mcmmo plugin? Will it be reset or removed all together? If it was to be removed how would the ranking system work? I know we currently use the mcmmo plugin for our ranking system.


More right click commands for items without right click uses.
Players can use banners as claiming marks for group player settlement and associations like guilds and clans.
survival players should have a non droppable book with records of lvls claims accounts and time played. Possible button for invmenu.
Players can play mobs. in mob ind.


I found a command block creation from TheRedEngineer and I would like to have it in our server :smiley:


Which one? Post a link to it, and remember that anything game changing at all will probably get rejected


Paying in game Money for ranks instead of mcmmo ranks


-Fresh start
-No mushroom farms if mcmmo abilities stay
-ecosystem where you can sell items to the server for a reduced price

  • Random tp to prevent all those bases near spawn.
  • Unique things like bosses or custom mobs.


If mcmmo is kept, I believe in what Anrif says, that there should be no mushroom farms. But also still no AFK fish farms. I also kinda think that the Repair Machines are used to level up quickly too so maybe not allow like people to AFK to damage armor that they like have to be there or something. But other than that. I think we should do a spawn in a sunken ship because it would really show out the 1.13 update.


That’s definitely something I want to look into. Not necessarily completely random but something along those lines.


I don’t like “pay to win” mechanics. I’d like to keep VIP, maybe with different perks for the new server. In addition a “free” rank system would be nice.


Idea about the 1.13 world:

-No mcMMO as this is a easy way to get resources

  • RandomTP, (Unable to tp to claimed areas)
  • Ranking system: Free ranks based on TIME or Pay with Ecosystem)

will add more when I think of more


(Just a funny Idea I got while I was playing)
What about resetting our mcmmo stats in the new world? I kinda miss fishing poison pots and tnt xD

EDIT:So errr… what do you all think? would that be a good idea or not?

Minecraft 1.13 - Server Update

A reset will be necessary anyway. The real question is if we want to have mcMMO at all. I might create a poll when the time comes.


Will vote no to mcmmo, ruins vanilla experience.


Can you elaborate? You don’t like the abilities?


I disagree, it seems a lot of servers don’t have MCMMO these days and I personally enjoy having it especially since it makes things like glowstone easier to get even with the nether being stripped of resources.


I like mcMMO, but for 1.13 Maybe we shouldn’t have a overpowered plugin for the starting months of the new world, Maybe we could add it when server gets populated.
OR, have a ranking system based on time, Chat, or activeness.

Back on topic:

Can you elaborate? You don’t like the abilities?

I like the abilities alot. Just don’t think its the right move adding it right away