Your Ideas for the new Survival World 🗺


If you don’t mind I have a suggestion for the 1.14 wilderness:
Since its theme or topic is known as the village and pillage update, what about some sort of castle as wilderness? I mean find a village build a wall around it and tadaa: new wilderness ^^ (I know this sounds pretty lazy but we can go into the details when it is being built ^^)


Just throwing some ideas that should be nice:

  1. Server shop - Shop made by admins where you can both sell or buy alot of items, i think it should hold most of the ingame items and prices should be balanced. Rare items expensive to buy and sell, and not so rare are priced decently so its worth selling or buying them.
  2. Paid signs that let you repair items or heal yourself ( for example 1000$ for 1 item repair)
  3. Nether that resets every month
  4. Keep the cityportal idea, i like it
  5. Ability to let us mine spawners with silk touch
  6. Spawners in server shop ( eggs or placeable ones ) but they must be quite expensive
    I think with right economy it would be much more fun grinding to get more money etc.
  7. possibly daily vote system? That gives rewards the more you vote.

If needed i can help with shop :slight_smile:


There already is the option to mine spawners with silk touch. Its a perk you can buy on on Your other ideas sound cool.

  1. Jobs: people can earn a little money with this ( by mining, killing mobs, brewing, farming, cooking, Whatever you can call.)

  2. Add something like factions in survival. example
    You can create a village and be a mayor! and raise money to claim more land and
    to expand your village.

  3. also a suggestion from above, but i really like the idea. Repair signs ( it repairs if you right click on the sign) usually for some money.

  4. A new shop ( GUI )

  5. More/new ranks + more commands NOT FOR MONEY

  6. free /tpa because it scares people away

  7. /kit. Easy to start if you join the server or if you die.

  8. Daily rewards / Vote system


Those would deffo keep more people engaged and keep them in server. Limitations only scares kids away, the more and interesting things there are that keep them coming and joining every day the better.


I like that, but removing payed ranks and commands would take away server founding, wouldn’t it?. Unless an alternative is found?

Also your town idea is cool.


Smile, i was talking about non-payed ranks, not vip.

Maybe add 1/2 more vip ranks with more commands

And about my /tpa suggestion, add it to a certain rank so people have a milestone and doesn’t scare people away at all


What kind of features do you have in mind?
I want to make sure it’s a good deal for the players. I don’t like these subscription based systems where you spend more and more money.


Commands such as:


Private vaults? like /pv 1 , etc,

Maybe fly? or flytokens/potions for a few minutes/hours/days

/fix ( with cooldown)


using color in chat/signs

also, costum enchants should be really cool :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s already a feature you can get from the shop. I’ll consider consolidating single commands into ranks though. Maybe that’s nicer.

What are those? Like shulker boxes? If so maybe that’s not needed. Maybe instead the feature to open shulker boxes from your hand (without having to place them down).

That’s something I don’t want to have because it enables all kind of abuse.


There’s always elytra and fireworks for that.


Isn’t an elytra used after you jumped from a high distance and glide through the sky? That would be fun, but having /fly only for Donators would encourage more to donate (or become VIPs). Also buying /tpa is pretty cruel, I would recommend to give /tpa in Builder rank and /tpahere in Expert rank. For Ultimate rank maybe a new iron kit that has a cooldown and has 32 steaks, or something along the line of making Ultimate rank a rank that everyone would aim to get to.


I do not know what to say about this. I mean giving people the opportunity to actually tpa sounds pretty great but then I keep wondering if the funding of the server is still being safe. I mean: Tpa is indeed a great milestone. We would have to keep it in reach for newer players, and yet make it challenging to get it (Which probably keeps them up playing on the server). However, I wonder what the people, eho bought VIP just for the tpa, will say about that. I do not really think they share that view on the thing. If we could replace the tpa with something we could “risk” it, but I do not really know. What do you think?


I agree with you, Brazz. I personally think VIP with it includeding TPA is useful in the sense that it encourages players to keep playing. Their donation in return helps the server continue to run.


If your wondering what can VIPs benefit if everyone in the server can use /tpa then I have few ideas. Commands like /feed , /repair and /fix should be available to them along with /fly . Not only that, since I mentioned /kit for Ultimate rank there should be a diamond kit for VIPs . If your wondering about what enchantments would the kit have, I would recommend none, since VIPs can get there enchanting books just like any other player (we are still trying to make it feel like a survival game). The duration of this /kit would probably be every 3 days at least since having it regularly will discourage the VIPs to go mining. With all that I believe there donation to the server will be worth it, oh just wait! If it’s possible for VIPs to choose their own Prefix other then [VIP] they can change it to something like [OWO] but that could be done using a command or it’s best to ask a staff member to change it for you, but make sure that the prefix you’re choosing is appropriate. Hopefully these ideas satisfy every VIP need and still think it is worth to get there donation rank.


I’m not sure that fits with our vanilla survival style. Stuff like fly feed and fix are pretty non vanilla. There is even viable vanilla mechanics for these kind of things.