ZachQuacks Ban Dispute


Like my friend, ShellHero159 I have also been banned, although unlike him I was firstly warned by Thierrycool several days after starting on the server. I was unsure of some of the rules of claims, and griefed a couple bases, which Thierrycool made me aware of, and which I went back and fixed, replanting farms and giving seeds. I was then let off with a warning, and have since then been extremely respectful of other player’s bases and builds, and have tried my best to add to the community of the server. I have even brought other friends of mine, including ShellHero159, onto the server, plauding its strong and dedicated fanbase. I have also tried to facilitate their integration into the server, giving resources and setting them up in the beginnings of a community. While I understand that bans are only put in place with bedrock (: proof from the admins, I would implore them to either lessen the ban to a temporary one or remove it so that I may continue to enjoy the server and contribute to its growth. That being said, I do understand if no compromise is available and I will accept the decision, whatever it is.

If any admin could respond to this at their earliest convenience (I believe it was Lordbyeway who banned me, and Thierrycool who issued me the warning), and tell me what it was that got me the ban and if there is anything that I can do to enable me to rejoin the survival server, I would really appreciate it. Even if I stay banned, I would like the admin staff to know that this is a great server that I enjoyed playing on it immensely, and I hope that it continues to flourish.

Thank you for your attention!

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I appreciate your polite email. You were banned for griefing - please see attached screenshot. Please familiarise with server rules and ask if you have questions. As you have made a polite ban dispute you may have one further chance. Further rule breaking will result in permanent ban.

First of all, thank you for responding LordoftheByeway. I appreciate you sending the screenshot. I understand the rules of the server, and while it doesn’t excuse, the grief was from before I had fully understood the rules of claims, and it was what I had clarified for me by ThierryCool when I received a warning. I understand now and I do not, nor will I in the future grief. I’m extremely glad that you are giving me another chance on the server, and I promise to continue to obey its rules. Thank you!

Thanks! Player unbanned. Closing this topic.