0 Tick sugarcane/bamboo farm not working [How to fix and why it's happening]

So there are these very efficient farms that you can use in 1.14/1.15 that I built in tallcraft survival but when I used it it did not work how it was supposed to work image . At first I thought it was just patched in 1.15 so I hoped onto a single player world to test out and it worked just fine. I came up with a reason why this could happen it is probably because of the many bug fixes/patches paper spigot has.

. I tried rebuilding it in the farm world to see if that made a difference but it still did not work. When I found out the server was on paper I hosted a paper server on my pc to test if it would work on there. Yes It did not work I looked at the paper config and found this. image . You can get to this Paper config by going to the server files then opening the YML file called paper. . You can fix this by changing that property to false. Please do that it makes farming a lot easier unless you purposely had it on because you didn’t want people making those.

here is a copy of my file is you want to see it.

# This is the main configuration file for Paper.
# As you can see, there's tons to configure. Some options may impact gameplay, so use
# with caution, and make sure you know what each option does before configuring.

  enable-player-collisions: true
  save-empty-scoreboard-teams: false
  bungee-online-mode: true
  save-player-data: true
  incoming-packet-spam-threshold: 300
  region-file-cache-size: 256
  use-alternative-luck-formula: false
  suggest-player-names-when-null-tab-completions: true
  load-permissions-yml-before-plugins: true
    enabled: false
    online-mode: false
    secret: ''
    page-max: 2560
    total-multiplier: 0.98
    tab-spam-increment: 1
    tab-spam-limit: 500
    enable: true
    load-threads: -1
    early-warning-every: 5000
    early-warning-delay: 10000
  enabled: true
  verbose: true
  server-name-privacy: false
  - database
  - settings.bungeecord-addresses
  history-interval: 300
  history-length: 3600
  server-name: Unknown Server
  no-permission: '&cI''m sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command.
    Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is in error.'
    authentication-servers-down: ''
    connection-throttle: Connection throttled! Please wait before reconnecting.
    flying-player: Flying is not enabled on this server
    flying-vehicle: Flying is not enabled on this server
    keep-spawn-loaded: true
    keep-spawn-loaded-range: 10
    disable-ice-and-snow: false
    count-all-mobs-for-spawning: false
    skeleton-horse-thunder-spawn-chance: 0.01
    armor-stands-do-collision-entity-lookups: true
    disable-thunder: false
    auto-save-interval: -1
    falling-block-height-nerf: 0
    tnt-entity-height-nerf: 0
    remove-corrupt-tile-entities: false
    experience-merge-max-value: -1
    grass-spread-tick-rate: 1
    bed-search-radius: 1
    fix-zero-tick-instant-grow-farms: false
    use-faster-eigencraft-redstone: false
    water-over-lava-flow-speed: 5
    parrots-are-unaffected-by-player-movement: false
    container-update-tick-rate: 1
    non-player-arrow-despawn-rate: -1
    creative-arrow-despawn-rate: -1
    prevent-tnt-from-moving-in-water: false
    allow-non-player-entities-on-scoreboards: false
    nether-ceiling-void-damage-height: 0
    portal-search-radius: 128
    portal-create-radius: 16
    disable-explosion-knockback: false
    seed-based-feature-search: true
    armor-stands-tick: true
    entities-target-with-follow-range: false
    spawner-nerfed-mobs-should-jump: false
    baby-zombie-movement-modifier: 0.5
    allow-leashing-undead-horse: false
    all-chunks-are-slime-chunks: false
    mob-spawner-tick-rate: 1
    disable-teleportation-suffocation-check: false
    per-player-mob-spawns: false
    fixed-chunk-inhabited-time: -1
    prevent-moving-into-unloaded-chunks: false
    max-auto-save-chunks-per-tick: 24
    optimize-explosions: false
    enable-treasure-maps: true
    treasure-maps-return-already-discovered: false
    use-vanilla-world-scoreboard-name-coloring: false
    max-entity-collisions: 8
    duplicate-uuid-resolver: saferegen
    duplicate-uuid-saferegen-delete-range: 32
    filter-nbt-data-from-spawn-eggs-and-related: true
    disable-creeper-lingering-effect: false
      enabled: true
      engine-mode: 1
      chunk-edge-mode: 2
      max-chunk-section-index: 3
      update-radius: 2
      - gold_ore
      - iron_ore
      - coal_ore
      - lapis_ore
      - mossy_cobblestone
      - obsidian
      - chest
      - diamond_ore
      - redstone_ore
      - clay
      - emerald_ore
      - ender_chest
      - stone
      - oak_planks
      enabled: true
        min: 20
        max: 40
      MinimumTicks: 100
      MaximumTicks: 600
      soft: 32
      hard: 128
      disable-pillager-patrols: false
      disable-sprint-interruption-on-attack: false
      disable-relative-projectile-velocity: false
      disable-chest-cat-detection: false
      disable-player-crits: false
      disable-end-credits: false
      shield-blocking-delay: 5
      disable-unloaded-chunk-enderpearl-exploit: true
      scan-for-legacy-ender-dragon: true
      flat-bedrock: false
      maximum: 0.0
      sound: -1
      impact-sound: -1
      flash: -1
      cactus: 3
      reeds: 3
      enabled: false
        COBBLESTONE: 300
      cooldown-when-full: true
      disable-move-event: false
      auto-replenish: false
      restrict-player-reloot: true
      reset-seed-on-fill: true
      max-refills: -1
      refresh-min: 12h
      refresh-max: 2d

First of all, thanks for spending the time researching this! I can confirm that it is caused by the configuration option you mentioned.

In my opinion these 0 tick farms, while they work in singleplayer, should not be possible on servers. They’re an exploit and basically produce free items. Free items have a negative impact on the servers economy.

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Thank you for your time I see how 0 tick farms could negatively impact the server.

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