1.16 nether update

So as of today the 1.16 Nether update has been released. I know these updates will take some time to implement on the server, but I’m just wondering what will happen to the current nether world. As far as I know it dates back to 2013 and isn’t in the greatest condition. The new update brings a few different biomes to the nether as well as lots of other changes. Will it be expanded similar to the overworld, or will a second new nether world be made? Kind of like what happened with the Survival worlds, how there’s an old one and then the current one which was created after 1.8 (?) was released.

Hi! We haven’t decided on that yet, so it’s still up for discussion. A new, separate nether world would certainly be an option. The nether farm world solves a part of the problem, but you can’t really build in it.


Ok now that we are on 1.16 I’d like to get this discussion going.
My take on this far:
Reset the current main nether after a grace period. Having a grace period allows players to recollect their items before the reset.
I’d also like to make it so you can only build in claims in the new nether. For harvesting resources the farm nether world should be used.

Please let me know what you think!


I would be against resetting the nether.

Countless players have builds in there, some players their entire base. This would be extremely unfair and that’s not neccessary.

Two other options would result in the same thing, without the problems of a reset of the current nether world: Fresh nether with 1.16 content.

  1. Increase the world border to the current nether. Have something like the wilderness which changes from time to time and keep moving that (unlike “newnether”).
  2. A separate nether world, perhaps also with a moving “wilderness”.

I have explained my view on forcing players to use claims in the past, although not out of the staff team, I think.

In short: I am against enforcing the use of claims, since in my opinion it goes against the player’s freedom. Sure, random pillars of dirt can be annoying, but I think players not being able to realize their projects simply due to not having the claim blocks needed for them, is significantly worse than a dirt pillar that I could get rid of within less than a minute.

Claims are good for lots of things if used correctly, but it really depends on the use-case. In other cases, claims are limiting for players and don’t have the flexibility required. That’s also why LWC is important as it makes things possible, that simply aren’t, with claims. Enforcing claims and/or disabling LWC, takes away from the players.

Because of those things, I believe it’s best to let players choose when to use claims, when to use LWC and when to keep things open.

If it’s about the grief tickets, I am more than happy to handle those if that means that players keep their freedom and flexibility.


I reckon that’s a good idea, the old nether from what I’ve seen is hardly ever used and it was old and used up for thousands of blocks 6 years ago when I joined. Right now anywhere one can easily get to within the nether is already completely full of years old cobblestone pillars and dirt paths and so on and, since the farm nether is reset every so often. it is incredibly hard to get somewhere where one could hypothetically build a potential base. Furthermore the old nether isn’t in 1.16 of course so you can’t get any of the new biomes, mobs or building blocks you may want to use without going to a different nether,which I feel is unnecessary, so I reckon it should be reset.

Though I should add that before anything is done it would be good to do a really in depth look into the nether and ask everyone if there’s anything there they find really valuable, I get the grace period is a good idea and I support it, but before we decide to do it or not, make sure we know if there’s some massive incredible build someone has there.


I understand that the nether proper is a bit of a mess in the spawn area, and that no reset would mean absence of 1.16 biomes to explore. With this stated, I am against the notion of resetting the nether without due consideration, because I have seen many builds in and on top of the nether while exploring and I’d hate to see them wiped. Players can access 1.16 materials in the farmworld anyway, so I don’t see the necessity of removing builds just for additional resources which are available already.

Also, forcing players to build in claims feels restrictive, especially if they do not have the claim blocks necessary to realize their vision. I would argue that use of claims should be left up to the discretion of the player, as they’re the ones who need to budget their resource.


Lots of players have gold farms in the nether that they would prefer not to lose I have one that’s almost 5 years old and it kind of has sentimental value since some friends of mine who no longer play helped build it. Personally I still just think a new second nether world for building in would be a good idea. That way someone could have a nether base and they could use the farm world for resources instead.

Also, while the idea of claims only allowing builds could help keep it cleaner, like others have said, I don’t think it’s a very good idea as it would really limit what someone could build. Claiming in the nether seems like it would be really irritating as it’s not always flat terrain in areas and would involve mining through stuff to do.

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What are typical use cases for gold farms?

As of now: farming gold for piglin bartering. Also, collecting gold for golden apples and curing villagers with them.


I mainly use mine for XP since it produced tons, but 1.16 broke it and it no longer makes XP. The gold I usually traded in for money at bank, but I’m probably going to use what I have left for piglin trading.

I reckon this discussion can be a slippery slope, and I’ll hereby try to not step on anyone’s toes, but here’s my view, try to understand I’ve only joined about half a year ago, and barely stepped foot into the nether on this server until a week into 1.16…
In wilderness the spawnpoint is being moved as it expands, yet in the nether I understand this is another challenge.
Thus, being ‘new’ in tallcrafts nether, entering it kindoff immediately is a turnoff.
It could easily take me half an hour of walking/flying before finding something non-farmed, accessible etc…
Most farms that I could walk into are owned by people who have not been on the server for quite some years.
For anyone joining the current nether, it’s just a drag to be honest.
I’m not certain what the options are, and I do feel the people that don’t want to lose all their work done, but on the other hand, sometimes a ‘wipe’ could actually be a cleansing thing too…
Maybe there’s an option to keep a ‘non operative’ warp of the old nether, for nostalgia’s sake…?

I would honestly prefer the new nether to be clean, unless the server can take it to be expanded, then having the spawn point moved to the newer location.

On the note of Gold Farms, I don’t get them on this server, given the economy…
I’ve only been on this server for half a year, and creating honest capital has absolutely NOT been a challenge, never felt the need for a goldfarm, and most likely won’t be building one here either, I just don’t see the point of them…
Especially with the new farm_nether providing enough options to farm gold to our hearts desire.

Again I don’t mean to offend those that have their goldfarms, but at this update, I don’t see the point.
Therefore I’d vote for keeping a ‘non-operative’ warp to the old nether (call it the graceperiod nether), for people to be able to get their stuff back or either just to have it there, and a clean nether to start off with.

Regarding the new nether thing, claims are indeed a challenge to discuss as well, and should maybe be taken into an extended account.
Maybe the ‘entering nether’ warp should a little ‘nether town’ thing?


If this conversation is still going, I don’t think it is really necessary for a new nether. Relatively recently, I discovered new chunks in the current nether, with the new biomes. I think that just expanding past the border to make the new biomes more accessable, while not taking away lots of work some people might have put in would be great. Speaking of deleting people’s work, I have put in work to begin construction of a town known as “Shroomwarp,” constructed on the roof of the nether, I’d rather not have to lose it after putting in lots of materials and time.