A connection problem

My boyfriend cannot enter the server, he enters the server but it does not load the map, but when he is going to enter other servers if it loads completely normal, what can be done in this case?

You could try to connect to alt.mc.tallcraft.com instead and see if it fixes the issue.

there was not much change, and from time to time we get lag

In the dropper if everything is going very well but in survival not

Where are you playing from? The server is located in Europe, that means players from the US or Canada can have high latency resulting in issues like yours.

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We are from South America, and generally we are doing well, in fact now we are doing well, I do not know if there was any problem but now we have the good latency that we had before

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Do you mean the problem you initially described is now gone?

for now yes, but it was not the first time this problem happened to us

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