A few suggestions

for the sake of some players and recent chat discussions, rather than spamming tall with such i’ll just make a thread for this.

/suicide command
a lot of people (including myself) are a little uncomfortable with the thought of the command. it’s existence is fine and it’s supposed to be similar to the /kill command but only for yourself, but people think it would benefit from having the death message (“player has killed themselves”) removed, or maybe the command can be changed to something like /respawn.

this has been the recent most issue, as some people like to use it as a “joke”, which sits wrong with some people.

this has been brought up before, by moon. some people are not comfortable with the mcmmo milestones or think the differences between each milestone is too short.
some people think every 1000 levels would be fine, or would prefer to have them turned off altogether. whatever can be done about this would be appreciated by most.


i agree with changing the command to /respawn as it is a useful mechanic but can cause distress, and been seeing a lot of agitation over mcmmo milestones best to turn it down

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i agree with this, maybe as a setting so you can change how often it shows the milestones and change when you see the /suicide messages, as well as completely renaming the command or maybe just make it say “[player] has respawned”

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One other possible alternative to the options I listed in my post is that we could possibly only announce skill milestones every 100 until their perks cap (such as 1000 for swords or 1500 for herbalism). Given that most people grinding McMMO are past those perk caps in the easier to grind skills, it would probably help to fix it. This could be used in conjunction with announcing rank ups only in power level rather than every 100.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into this on the weekend and will try to come up with a good compromise.


Quick update on the changes:

  • Soon: Limit lvl-up announcements to 100 block radius around you.
  • Today: Disabled broadcast message for the /suicide command.