A new nether with portal linked

The current nether is very old and is pretty much only used for giant farms. I think that there could be a new nether but keep any builds above the nether roof maybe or make a separate world that is 1/8 the size of Overworld and links perfectly so we are able to make nether transports for the people who don’t have multiple homes its very difficult for them to get around and this would help a lot. It also allows us to transport items from the nether to Overworld. Allows us to have an actual use for ice farms and I just love going mach 7 on boats.


bro i dont want to lose the nether home i just built

Uhm, please keep all builds in the old nether? People work hard on all the build in the nether, above the roof or not! Maybe there could be a {/warp nether2}.
And IF the nether portals got linked to the over world it could cause lag, and what if the location would need to be linked to the old nether? Would that cause problems?

Sorry if this sounds rude, but what is the use of adding a new nether? There is literally access to all the 1.16 biomes if you travel far enough, not every chunk has been loaded.

I wouldn’t be opposed to a 1.16 nether designed for transport and homes, as long as the old one wasn’t replaced. I really don’t want to lose farms and d builds.

I mean I would like to add that the bug that allows for fully automatic zombified piglin XP/gold farms will be fixed either in 1.17 or 1.18, so getting another nether could potentially clear up the nether roof for future zombified piglin designed farms.