A powa to see who built stuff? (Town Mayors & Vice)


Hai! =3

So, sometimes I see this random structure (house) near mew town & I want to know who built it so that I can recruit them owo

I ish suggesting to allow Mayors/Owners & Vice-Mayors/Coowners to haz a command that will show who built stuff =3
This goes well to those unnamed heroes who impurr-ved town ^w^

Cooldown of command can be 24hrs to balance pawsible OP-ness =3


Interesting idea. How do you think somone would go about to apply for permission?


Hmmz proof of Co/Ownership @ teh town? =3


Easy solution, just have people claim their things (which everyone should do). Every player can use a wooden stick to check for claims and who owns them.


A lot of players don’t for some reason =w=