About People Taking Dead Player's Items

I’ve noticed recently that you can take a dead player’s items if you were standing directly next to that player when they die. This has been a problem during PvP Battles and a recent incident where my sister (ApplePip77) has had the majority of her items stolen by two players who were at spawn with her when she died.

During almost all of the time I’ve fought with other players in PvP challenges, when one of us is killed the other can momentarily take their items: this has been a reoccurring problem since it takes a while to sort out our various gear and sometimes items aren’t even returned after the battles due to confusion over who the items belong to. I think everyone would be able to deal with this however it is due to another thing that happened today that has made this quite serious.

Pip was in the farm nether (attempting to safarinet a strider) when she fell into lava and survived since she logged once she was on two hearts. However, when she came back online and teleported to spawn, she died due to fire damage after a few seconds. There were two other players there - Mittowns and WhiskeyDown - who picked up her items after Pip died, and after refusing to give her the items back and being rude to Pip, they left the server with all Pip’s items.

If it is possible, can we fix the open window where player’s can take each other’s items when they die? This would make PvP better since we don’t have to sort out the open period where players can take each other’s dropped items and it would prevent incidences such as Pip’s from happening again.

Thanks, from Istax.

(Also, in case you were wondering, Pip has got a little gear back since some other players were kind enough to craft some new items for her (Sword, axe, and shovel, boots, and leggings) however she still doesn’t have the miscellaneous items she was carry including a custom-banner shield. I’m working on getting her a new one.)


I’m not staff so I won’t be able to help out with the issue directly, but if you haven’t already, I’d advise you to additionally create a ticket on the two players that took the items.

That’s definitely an issue, in theory, items on the ground could actually lead to other people blowing them up with beds/tnt or burning it, destroying them permanently. Unfortunately, for PvP, the only way to be safe is by doing pvp with people that you trust completely, which can be hard to do(it sure is for me after some crap that happened last year). I think a good solution could be that after each death, a plugin could place items in a locked chest that is blast/lava-proof for a certain window of time(maybe 10-20 minutes?). Also, the ability to toggle on/off the feature would allow for an easy time maintaining balance for those who wouldn’t like these changes. Anyways, that’s all from me.

People could also use hoppers to pick up their items. Once someone drowned in water while afk and I had to collect all of their items in hoppers so they didn’t despawn.

Yes, we’ve created a ticket and reached a solution - we’re going to wait until the two players come back online so we can get the items back from their inventories, since staff can’t check their inventories while they’re offline. Hopefully then Pip can get her original items back.

Hi it’s Grookey and I was wondering if pip would like to keep my armour and tools until the original items are return :smiley:

As I said near the end, lots of players have provided Pip with backup gear. Also, I’ve got her a new shield almost the same as the one before. Thanks for the offer (Pip’s really happy with the support she’s getting with what happened), but she’s content with the armour and tools she has at the moment. Thanks so much though!

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