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Tallcraft Community Project

A lot of players, including myself, often aren’t sure what they should do after getting a lot of levels, building farms for almost everything and having built multiple bases. This is why I thought that we should introduce something new, the Tallcraft Community Project. This would be a large building project where the people who aren’t sure what to do, would be able to participate.

This is just an idea so far, but if it’s successful, I might do something like that more often. :slight_smile:

Now it’s time to choose which project we want to work on!

The poll will be closed on the 6th after which I will make a new thread to discuss the details about the project.

  • #1 Hunger/Survival Games Arena*
  • #2 Mob Arena
  • #3 Spawn for the new world*
  • #4 New Lobby*
  • #5 Wilderness for the new world*

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Old post:

In this thread, I will gather ideas for the building project.
Note that the project should be something large, not just a single house or similar.

If you have any ideas, add them below!

I will update the top post if the idea is possible and in the end, there will be a poll.

Ideas we have so far:

#1 Hunger/Survival Games Arena*

We used to have a HG Arena for quite a while, but then removed it due to updates and server structure changes. A map had been in planning for over a year but has been abandoned as it would’ve been too large anyway.
The goal of this project would be to build a new Hunger Games Arena and then have a Hunger Games mode on Tallcraft again.

#2 Mob Arena

We used to have a Mob Arena arena for quite a while, but then removed it due to updates and server structure changes. We could make a Mob Arena in survival using spawners.

#3 Spawn for the new world*

The new world will need a spawn in which the cityportals (and perhaps more) will be in.

#4 New Lobby*

The goal of this project would be to make a new lobby for the Network or to extend the existing one. I think extending it could work well as there have been many paths which have been cut off due to the portals not working and then the buttons have been placed at the spawn. We could open the paths again and while putting some buttons at spawn for those in a hurry, we could add many different areas for each game mode we offer. An example would be a path up into the sky for /creative or a (very simple) mini-dropper for /dropper or a village for /survival, etc…

#5 Wilderness for the new world*

The new world would definitely need a new wilderness, so the goal of this project would be to build just that.
Keep in mind that if we do build anunderwater-wilderness, it should give easy access to a land area as well as be simple enough to not cause any severe FPS issues for players with low-end devices.

* = This idea will require more resources and thus require Tallcraft’s confirmation.



My first idea would be to make a new Hunger Games arena, so we could add Hunger Games again to Tallcraft which would add another fun game mode.


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I like the Idea! Count me in if you need Cobble, Wood, Ores and other stuff :smiley:



I miss having hunger games! I’d love to see this come back.



Mobarena events would be nice too…



Added your idea for the Mob Arena, thank you! :smiley:



Sounds cool, I’m pretty good at redstone, so if you need anything redstone related, I can help :wink:



Maybe we could do a new lobby or spawn? Both are out dated, more so spawn.



I like Slimes Idea… Imagine a Spawn in the sky
… Or maybe anything else …

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Added your ideas for a new lobby and a new spawn, thank you! :smiley:



Just putting it out there.
I suggested to Tallcraft & Thierry if I could build a new spawn &/or lobby pls credit me for the idea



I have been messing around with 1.12 and 1.13 in a creative world and came up with a potentially good design for a 1.13 survival world spawn. It wouldn’t have to have this many fish since they can cause lag in large numbers. The building also needs more details, but it seems like a good start.



Looks pretty nice, however I would suggest not having an underwater spawn, despite this being very popular now.

Why? A lot of players seem to have very bad FPS drops if they are even close to oceans in 1.13. This wouldn’t be a very welcoming thing for the server.

This could work great as a wilderness though if made a bit smaller and simpler! :smiley:

I’ve added wilderness as your idea, thank you! :smiley:



It would be a lot nicer if spawn area isn’t the same what most people build like medieval, modern or underwater.

Think we should get out that comfort zone and maybe start with Asian style, Eastern desert buildings, Roma, mountain village or sky building but then in the size they want. It also could be used for the big community projects, that later maybe can be set a wilderness.

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I love that idea, Siv! I am currently experimenting with that type of build style and I think it would he really cool to see on a mass scale like at a spawn or wilderness. I love the idea of it being in a mountain.

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If you have any more suggestions, feel free to add them! :smiley:
Details about build style etc. will be discussed in a a separate topic as soon as we’ve had the poll.

The poll will be opened on the 3rd, so make sure to submit your ideas before that! :wink:

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Oriental sounds awesome to me Sivanbees
Edit: Or well Asian Style…

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I’ll extend the poll until early 10th (9th for most of you), so slightly less active people also get to vote.



Voting is over, now let’s discuss the details of the project at: [Community Project] Mob Arena . :smiley: