Ban Appeal - DerpyFishMan

Hi, my account name is DerpyFishMan. I was playing with my friends online about 6 days ago and everything seemed fine, however when I logged in today I was banned for “Repeated Profanity.” I don’t remember saying anything offensive (please correct me if I’m wrong) and whatever I said (if I did) I don’t remember repeating it. I also don’t remember ever being warned for anything that I was doing at the time, I was just banned out of the blue. Providing some logs for me to see would be really helpful.




So looking through your messages, they were bad. Completely inappropriate for this server and you repeatedly tried to bypass chat filters.

Chat log (Warning: Foul language)

Screenshot (296)
Screenshot (295)
Screenshot (297)
Screenshot (298)

So I’m afraid you’re not getting unbanned.

I mean honestly man, in the future giving warnings might help. I was joking around with my friends and no one ever told me to stop what I was doing. I didn’t actually mean any of the things I was saying. I understand you’re trying to keep a safe friendly community but saying a swear word 5 times gets a permanent ban? Kind of strict in my opinion.

I don’t mind getting banned I’ll take my punishment and never come on this server again, however I think that maybe you could learn from this and get more staff members online moderating what people are saying and instead of perma-banning them for swearing you could perma-mute them or temp-ban them? Just something to take under consideration.

Anyways, I enjoyed playing on the server for the short time I was able too. Aren’t enough good dropper servers these days. Guess its time to find another one. :confused:



Staff are volunteers and do not get paid or anything, and 24/7 staff is unnecessary. We do have a chat filter though, which when anyone trips, warns the user in chat Please do not swear, discuss NSFW topics, use racial slurs, or otherwise disrepect other players in chat! and ends with NOTE: Attempting to bypass this chat filter WILL lead to a punishment. You clearly ignored the chat filter’s warning and tried to bypass it, so you were punished.

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