Ban appeal for hacked account

Minecraft Name: Current: Unleashed_Kcats

Ban Appeal for: Kcats3

Old account Kcats3 was hacked or suspected of hacking due account issues and hacking attempts from south Africa on my Microsoft account, which is not connected to my mojang account yet. On discord I wanted the old account banned for the time, just in case they would mess with my account on TC server, safeguarding any unknown behaviors or resulting in actual bans on the hacked account.

Now I’m able to access my old account and I would like to repeal the ban.

I personally asked the staff to ban my account for the time being on discord so there are no faults.

Thanks for the support.

Please note that we have a policy against using alt accounts. Choose one account or the other and stick with that one while playing on Tallcraft (if you want to transfer stuff between them initially, that’s fine).

Random question, did you hear back from mojang and get your account back or did you gain access to it some other way? This is just for future reference in case others have the same issue.

I’ll be transfering stuff to Unleashed Kcats as well as unlocking permissions to Unleashed Kcats for the land plots is that ok?

I heard back from mojang, it took 3 weeks time.

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