Ban appeal for Patriot4967

**Minecraft Name: Patriot4967 - or it may appear as ls_swap_it since I changed my username last week.

Hi all,

If I recall correctly, I was banned in early 2019 for griefing, along with hate speech. Im not sure what I all said, and not sure what I all did since its been two years. However, I have grown up a lot in the past two years. Looking back on that, I physically cringe, and wonder what I was thinking. I apologize for my past actions, and I would really appreciate a second chance.


Oh, and just to clarify a few things to avoid confusion. I figured being honest is the best way to go about things, so if it means that I won’t get unbanned that’s completely understandable.

I have been playing recently under my alt account hm60. I think I first logged in a little while after making this ban appeal and I started building a base on the far edge of the map. The only reason I did this was because both of my friends were online, and we wanted to play Minecraft together. One of them being @zfa - who I do know IRL. Zfa, if you’re reading this maybe you could add a little to this as well if you want, I’d appreciate it. I guess it’s been a while since I played with him last, and I guess I just wanted to see all the stuff he built on here and see his progress.

I really do love the environment of the server, and I would hate not being able to play. I didn’t mean any harm by logging in with an alt. I understand bans happen for a reason, and like the rules say - using an alt to circumvent a ban is grounds for a permaban - I completely understand if you will not unban me. I guess I just got impatient and didn’t want to wait for a staff member to unban my main. I do not plan on logging back in until I possibly get unbanned from my main, and if you do decide to ban my alt, that will be my own fault for not waiting. I really appreciate your consideration in this, and would really really appreciate a second chance to enjoy this server with my friends. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.

I’d like to add that I know this guy IRL and have for a few years, he’s changed a lot since what he did well over 2 years ago and I think he deserves a second chance. I’d like to be able to play with him on here.

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I had considered unbanning you from looking at the original violation. However, you bypassed the ban by playing with an alt account which is also not allowed according to the rules. This means I can’t really justify an unban here.

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