Ban dispute 3.0

i have always said “welcome to hell” when people joined. nothing has changed. i was never told not to do that. how does that warrant a ban? second, i made a stupid “its not illegal if you dont get caught” joke. those have never been against the rules. third, i dont see what me being an anarchist has to do with anything.

Edit: ban dispute 4.0: the final dispute
A lot of people have messaged me after my ban, giving me various lectures on what i did wrong or why i was a brat or whatever but its BobsYourUncle’s lecture that really hit home. I came back after a ban, I was under extra scrutiny because of that, and I did not make any changes to my behaviour. Then, I realized something. I have always been this way. I have always been “annoying” and “bratty”. And yet, I managed to stay here 5 years before being banned. Why is that? The community has changed. Most of the people who like me for who I am have left, people who dont like me have joined, and the staff team has changed. I did not realize this at first, so I did not make a change to my behavior to match the new community. Now I realize that I need to do that. (EDIT: this is MY fault. I’m not trying to blame it on the community)
Now, I am not asking to get off scott free. We all know that is not gonna happen. But, since my misbehavior was only in chat, I believe it would be fair to unban me and give me a server wide mute. Maybe in a few months we can talk about taking off the mute, but for now, I think this would be fair. Tallcraft is really important to me. I love to read, but I really struggle to focus on books. With tallcraft, I can play minecraft while i listen to an audiobook and then i stay focused. Without tallcraft, I cant focus on minecraft. ADHD sucks man. I really need this. I’m really sorry for being annoying, its not gonna happen again.

rat, as your friend i truly think perhaps you should stop making disputes, rav said you wont be back this year and i think that by continuing to make disputes it may limit your chances of being unbanned in the future.


“i was always rude, why am i banned now?”


I dont see my behavior as rude though. “rude” is a subjective thing. The old community didn’t see me as rude, the new one does. Please don’t make strawmen out of what I say

Not tryna become another person that lectures, but I see little responsibility in this dispute. Arkania put it bluntly, but you can’t just blame the shift in community on everything, is all I’m saying. Rav put it best: you may need some time away if you don’t realize that yet, no one is perfect.


I literally did not blame it on the shift in community. I SAID “…I did not make a change to my behavior to match the new community. Now I realize that I need to do that.” You ignored half of what I said and just picked and chose what you wanted to see. Secondly, “you may need some time away” i disagree, but even if I did, giving me a server wide mute would give me time away from the community while allowing me to still play minecraft.

lets try to not argue with one another here, arguing will not fix this mess and will only make everything worse. everyone is entitled to an opinion and how they see the situation.


May I say (I’m not trying to defend rat at all because what he did was wrong) but at least he has come up and said that he’s done wrong, yes he has blamed some of it on the community but you need to give him some respect for coming up front and saying he’s done wrong. We also need to take in account his ADHD, this is not an excuse to be unbanned from Tallcraft because he can do other things like, draw something or play something else like Among us. I also find it a little weird that he has now been banned with new staff on the team.

But yes, although rat is one of my best friends, I feel like he does need this ban. This post was just to get my point of view up here (I made an account just for this) also, make sure you look at both sides of the story.


While a shift in community affects the public view of you, that has nothing to do with your actions. The people who have become staff since then view your actions differently, and therefore the server will have different answers to what you do. On the topic of your ADHD, while it may have played a small part in your actions, it is still not an excuse for what you did. As Pandas said, you can still do other things that you are hyperfixated on. In my opinion, you should stop making disputes and wait for the ban to possibly be lifted after the new year.


The fact that you continued to indirectly ask me for what you want has given me a consideration to not even reconsider the permaban.

To be clear again rat, you’re not coming back this year, wether or not you come back next year is undecided upon, but as long as you try to undermine the authority we, or I have practiced upon you, I can assure you that that chance keeps getting slimmer.

I gave you a last warning answering you on steam, don’t push my buttons
Do not attempt to contact me again this year, and don’t even consider thinking my opinion will change the 1st of January

This dispute is closed.