Ban dispute because pig thing

Minecraft Name: ewmc2, Gro0key, TScorbunny
My friend Gro0key had a 7 day ban but got raised to a 20 day ban for convincing others to grief which is stupid as Gro0key warned me many times that we might get banned he said this many time and every time I said yes Gro0key said it was his idea because he was trying to be a good human so I ask you to make his ban back to a 7 day ban and we all agreed to the risk of being banned. i dont think a 20 day ban or even a 7 day ban is very fair especially considering it was just pigs in Minecraft. and 13 days for encouraging griefing that is almost twice as much day ban the actual grief just for saying somebody finally gets it is unfair and the pigs really dont take long to clean up

It was still griefing. It doesn’t matter the level, it was still griefing. Take accountability.

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this isnt kindergarten its a Minecraft server and not like its that hard to clean up either

That doesn’t matter. You broke one of the server rules, and have to pay the consequences.

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its pigs in a block game where trees float it takes like 2 seconds to clean up a mod can just do /kill @e[type=pig,distance=…200]

You guys all agreed to do something you knew would result in a ban. And now you’re all jumping off each other complaining about it. Or Trying to defend each others actions like it’s somekind of noble deed…

The time it takes to clean up is irrelevant. And to treat any time it takes out of anyone’s life is an extremely inconsiderate thought pattern…

But by all means keep going. :roll_eyes:


Finally! Someone who is speaking my language!


i dont think you really get the point of the post. or like how a 13 day ban for just talking about the pig thing that is almost double the original ban is unfair, an “inconsiderate thought pattern” and kind of a dictatorship. as i said before this isnt kindergarten its a block game where trees float and exploding leaves made for 9 year olds and somehow everyone plays it.

I don’t care how long the ban is. Or even that It was increased, to be honest…

And you obviously didn’t understand my point.

Your inconsiderate thought pattern is that you don’t seem to care about the mods or admins time out of there lives to clean up the mess…

It seems like you really don’t care about our mods or admins time at all. Just shrugging it off as a mild inconvenience. You fail to realise that they look through logs. They read over endless waves of chat dialogue looking In to everything you all might have touched during your “just for the lols” moment, it all takes time and effort out of their life to do so, and it’s such an irritating task to do. Metype even said she missed some things that Gro0key pointed out on their own, and she had to go back again and look though it. And your argument is “it takes like 2 seconds to clean up a mod can just do /kill @e[type=pig,distance=…200]”

You say it’s not kindergarten And yet youre still playing victim crying at injustice, like its not an online block game that real life people play with rules that suit everyone to create a comfortable, happy environment for all to enjoy in relative peace…

I will say again. You knew the consequences. You understand the rules. And pointing out the facts only put more fuel to the flames. More evidence and more annoyance on the mods and admins and players alike.

Gro0key threw himself on the burner by choice, for you, his friends and All you’re doing is making the fire bigger…

But yes… Keep going. Keep annoying the Admins and mods and the other players with the"unfair" argument… The defensive routine.

Or how about you all take your lumps and maybe just maybe try to look at the perspective of our mods and perhaps you’ll appreciate their time a little more instead of comparing them to a dictatorship…

To quote you “This isn’t kindergarten”


they dont even have to look through the logs there is literally signs at heavencity saying who did it and if you dont care how long the ban is or that it was extended then you obviously dont understand why this post exists its a ban dispute about a block game not a formal court meeting asking for doritos and mountain dew or something from the gods of all gods it literally takes almost no time to look at the signs and give like a 2 day ban 7 days is unfair for pacing pigs like its just pigs just /kill @e[type=pig,distance=…200]

Oh, You dear sweet angel… you really are not grasping anything, are you…
“They don’t even have to look through the logs” they do. because reading signs could be written by anyone. I know you are not that stupid to presume that enough evidence… or maybe you are…

and I understand all to well. the reason I don’t care about the ban or the time. Is because I don’t see anything to be contested here.

I’m done replying to you. have a good day. You’re obviously so wrapped up in your own ideas to consider anything other than your own “woe was me”

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they dont have to look through the logs because we all openly admitted to doing it and even if they do then it really isnt hard to just click a few pigs and scroll up and its literally their job to look through logs and moderate and stuff its what they are paid to do if they dont want to look through logs then dont apply for staff its that simple and its just a harmless prank its pigs in minecraft and just talking about it gives a 13 day ban your like 20 and still play minecraft if you want a “happy environment for all to enjoy in relative peace” then minecraft really isnt the place to look just go outside and touch some grass.

I’ve avoided engaging in this discussion so far. However I feel that I need to correct this: staff (including myself) are not paid. We all do this as volunteers and have been for years.

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I’ll close this dispute. I have reviewed the case and talked to the other staff members. A (temporary) ban seems warranted.

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Its not a dictatorship. You knew it was wrong, and yet did it anyway. The server clearly states its rules, and you deliberately broke them. And to just say “its easy to clean up” is incredibly rude! You are taking time out of peoples day to clean up your mess, and time is peoples most valuable asset. People shouldn’t have to get on and deal with a mess that some inconsiderate person did. I thought the punishment was suitable at first, but seeing your attitude towards it, I feel as if it should have been longer. You don’t get to willing break the rules, and then whine about the punishment that comes with it. That is childish.

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aren’t you the owner tho However I know nothing about running a minecraft server It would be cool with you like tell me how its run and stuff. like to you use a server host or something else? please tell me.

so whatever a 7 day ban is fine but 13 extra days for just talking about it is kinda dumb

3 people banned for same reason how come one is 20 and others is 7 kinda unfair Its not childish its me pointing out how unfair this ban is your making worse by saying stuff like its childish even though its mostly a ban dispute for Gro0key pls read my post before replying and how did staff not reply until post 13. like staff be saying rude = ban but look at all the stuff like “extremely inconsiderate thought pattern” or “I know you are not that stupid to presume that enough evidence… or maybe you are…” or “That is childish.” im not replying to this post anymore unless staff replies so unless your staff please do NOT reply and mike ur not staff dont know if u knew

Thanks for the good news!

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