Ban dispute ewmc2

umm excuse me why was i banned
finally happened bro took long enough
just curios

also here is some numbers inside a colorful circle

what does this say about tc mods

Here is the ban record: Tallcraft Players

Waiting for @Firtyrannus to take a look. Thanks!

Edit: To answer your question:

what does this say about tc mods

Nothing really. It just means we have a lot of ban disputes on here. The forum isn’t all that active so that’s why it’s the majority of topics.

sorry bro two words aint enough


you were banned for majorly griefing a creeper farm. you dug through the building and broke plenty of blocks for it to be a bigger grief - and considering your previous 3 tempbans, i’ve decided to permanently ban you.

here are 2 screenshots to show that you had broken parts of the farm.

whoopsies :crazy_face:​​​​​​​​​​

is it really that major though?
netherrack breaks instantly

in this case yes, as it was apart of an entire building/farm. it was also not only netherrack but some iron trapdoors as well. blocks were placed inside to get access to the middle part, too. along with your tempban, this earned you a permanent ban.

is there a number of how many blocks i actually modified?

there isn’t an exact number, no. but that does not matter. fact is that you basically admit to it and that it happened.
to finish this discussion, as of right now there is no chance of appeal - you may try again at some point, leave some months between this appeal and the next one. thank you!

i wasnt asking for an unban i was asking why i was banned